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Met the doc yesterday. Apparently it wasn’t really very fruitful in entire sense of it. No thorough check up could be done as that requires not wearing lenses for at least 4/5 hours prior to the check up in order to get accurate reading. Hence fixed another day (Saturday) for all those contact lens refixing, occular pressure check etc. stuffs. From yesterday’s account it just seems that my left eye isn’t really in good shape. This doc believes that better lens fixing may be possible now in this eye. He suggested that this eye suffered minor hydrop earlier. For sure, this eye suffered problem. I didn’t know that it was hydrop. Now as I see it, it most probably was a hydrop. Well, DR. Radhika N judged it, she just wrote my case summary using different terms (called it scar). Never mind, since problem was identified and measure was taken, it really doesn’t matter which term has been used. Moreover, may be it wasn’t that accute to term it to hydrop category. Anyhow, I have also felt lately, that my left eye is ready to take more accute curvature lens as one day I mistakenly wore my right lens in the left eye, and it didn’t feel that bad. I used to wear the same configuration of lenses in both eyes before my hydrop/scarring. That gave me 6/6 vision in both of my eyes. If I can tolerate a better fit, it might improve my deteriorated vision. Lets see what comes up next.


Written by crazylogix

August 31, 2005 at 4:03 am

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